This blog has been designed with the intention of celebrating the passions that drive us. For me, those passions include wine, literature, philosophy, social commentary, art, stories, experiences, travel, music, photography…anything that inspires, motivates, induces reaction, insights action, conviction…a deep lust for LIFE.

I offer a weekly (at the very least) essay about some aspect of the wine industry as well as a weekly piece of social commentary, poetry, philosophical debate…anything to stir the soul.

I hope to offer a place for people to publish their thoughts, art, music, poetry…whatever relevant commentary they may have.

This is about discussion that will hopefully lead to change. Perhaps not the sweeping social change the world so desperately needs, but maybe, just maybe, a first step toward such a lofty goal.

This is not my full time job. I am one of the few lucky people that do what they love. For me, that is wine and writing. As such, I am a professional wine scribe. I work for Bevfly, in Orlando. It’s a visionary company made up of likeminded people who also see a need for change in an anachronistic system that sorely needs it. However, instead of sitting around complaining, we have come together from all facets of the industry to make that change a new reality. It has been inspiring, to say the least. It is also the impetus for this blog. If you care to check us out, go ahead: Bevfly.com

Never would I have imagined myself being a blogger. I don’t love computers and am seduced by the scratch of pen across paper and the smell of ink. Yet, if just a few people could decide to attempt to shift the reality of the wine industry, why can’t I try to put together a much larger group of people with all the skills necessary to change the rest of the world? I can’t think of a more constructive way to spend my free time.

I have often been a man of conviction. To this I am committing myself fully.

So, musicians, poets, artists, winemakers, philosophers…let’s start something here. If you need help with promotion, publication, gallery marketing, venue locating, event planning, discussion groups, anything to move forward, let’s help one another out for a change, instead of competing with one another for the crumbs left to us. Whatever help I may offer, is yours.

As a final note…which is sadly required, I will not allow anyone to be bullied, attacked, or marginalized on this blog. If you impede in any way, the progress I hope to achieve, you will be banned. Then hunted down and set on fire. Just sayin…

J.S. Izzo

To submit pieces to be featured, or to contact me directly email idrinkbottledpoetry@gmail.com

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